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The SMC network is your resource for growing your business! 

  • Are you looking for new ways to grow your business?
  • Would you like to have an expert on-call to answer your business questions - at no cost?
  • Do you need HR support so you can focus on your business?

These are just a couple of the many benefits you receive as a member of SMC! For nearly 70 years, we have provided small- and medium-size business owners the support they need to grow and improve their business.

So, if you are serious about your company expansion, join the network where PA businesses go to grow.  Become a Member today by clicking on and completing our Membership Application to the right!

The History of SMC Business Councils

The story of SMC Business Councils runs parallel to the growth of the small business movement in the United States and the public’s realization that small business is truly the engine driving American economy.  Our organization was formed in response to the competition between large and small business for defense contracts during World War II.  The smaller manufacturers were being squeezed out of government contracting and other opportunities to grow and expand their operations.  They wanted and demanded a piece of the lucrative war products market and in 1944 organized themselves into the Smaller Manufacturers Council to secure defense contracts.  At first it was to be just a temporary affiliation.  

When peace finally came, SMC members had learned something valuable from their experience.  They reasoned if working together as a group, meeting to exchange ideas and pool experiences had helped them and the country during war, why not also in peace?  Their cooperative venture proved to be so successful that they decided to make the affiliation permanent at war’s end.  Read More

Membership Information
Membership benefits are unsurpassed, with product discounts and service benefits to HR support and manufacturing forums.  And if your employees are in need of insurance, SMC is the place to go.  For more Membership Information, please click here


Board of Directors
SMC Business Councils has always had a very active and involved Board of Directors.  The Board consists of approximately 15 professionals with ties to a number of industries.  To a list of  current Board Members, please click here.


SMC Staff
SMC has assembled a group of highly capable professional staff who operate exclusively for the benefit of member companies.  SMC staff members are experts in human resources, insurance, marketing, business, and more. For a complete listing of SMC’s professional staff, please click here.


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SMC welcomes your questions, comments, and feedback. If we can be of any assistance or you would like more information, please click here for contact information or to leave a comment.